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Hello, I am Manjiri Phatak

Front-End Developer, Based in Canada

Some info ABOUT ME

Front-end web developer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design (B.Des). I am an artist at heart and love learning new techniques/artforms/softwares. I am passionate about coding and strive to combine the worlds of logic and creative design to make responsive, eye-catching, and user-friendly websites and applications.

When not coding, I like to explore my creative side by putting on the hat of a Papercutting Artist. I carve intricate designs out of paper. These make beautiful gifts and home decor pieces.

I love exploring, and apply this open mindset to all my projects. If you are interested in working together or would just like to have a conversation, you can get in touch here..

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Weather App by Manjiri Phatak

The Weather App

This is a fully-functioning React Weather app that displays current weather conditions plus a six-day forecast for major cities around the world.

Built on: React, Open Weather API, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML. Hosted on Netlify

Dictionary App by Manjiri Phatak

The Dictionary Project

A functioning dictionary application that provides definitions, synonyms, audio pronunciations and images.

Built on: React, Dictionary API, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML. Hosted on Netlify

Paperposh Project Preview

Frontend Mentor Projects

A collection of various practice projects from Frontend Mentor.

Built on: Custom CSS, HTML. Hosted on Netlify